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Welcome to Spruce Gardens Agriculture

The team at Spruce Gardens Agriculture has spent a great deal of time studying the benefits of Hemp and have chosen to start an agriculture company based on Hemp. Industrial Hemp is an incredible plant. As responsible farmers, Spruce Gardens will also plant pulse and cereal crops to make sure that crop rotation is done in a responsible manner.

Hemp isn’t Cannabis. An important fact that is overlooked by so many institutions. Earlier this year, as corporate finances were being figured out, a big 5 bank opted out of supporting the young new company because “Hemp is too closely related to Cannabis”. The narrow sightedness of the Bank has further reminded us of how powerful ignorance can be. Thankfully there are other institutions who were readily willing to support our operations.

We are excited to enter into the Canadian ag industry. We believe that we can make a difference in providing healthy crops to Canadians. From lifetimes of service as CAF members, to a further commitment to Canadians as Farmers to bring health and wellness to Canadians.

This is a story from the sharp pointy end of Agriculture, stay tuned and enjoy our adventure.

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